GitHub supports ‘repository templates’

GitHub supports ‘repository templates’
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GitHub added support for using GitHub repos as ‘repository templates’. You need just to mark a repo as a template and then it can be used to quickly generate new repositories. This is a neat opportunity for boilerplate projects!

To get started, you need to choose a repository as a template, and you’ll be able to use it to generate new repositories with all of the template repository’s files and folders. When you click to see the template repository, you’ll see “Use this template” button and can start with that codebase. Now you have access to all templates through one of your organizational memberships.

Every template repository has a new URL endpoint called /generate . With its help, you can distribute your template more efficiently. You can also write a tutorial, build an app boilerplate for your enterprise, distribute a project framework. Just remember to link your users directly to the /generate endpoint. And don’t forget to name your project and clone a new repository to get started.

This is just the beginning for repository templates. To know more, please visit this page.

By the way, every month Syndicode is compiling the lists of the most interesting and useful JS and Rails open source projects on GitHub! Stay tuned because the new issue is on approach!

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