HTTPX is an HTTP client library for Ruby

HTTPX is an HTTP client library for Ruby
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Syndicode is a great fan of Ruby. We are constantly in search of new great Ruby repositories. There you can find a collection a bunch of cool and perspective open-source Ruby projects. And today we’d like to pay attention to one of the libraries. HTTPX is an HTTP client library for Ruby.

This library is useful as it supports HTTP/2 seamlessly. Some features we can highlight are:

  • it supports HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.x protocol versions
  • concurrent requests by default
  • chainable API that is based on HTTP.rb
  • Proxy Support (HTTP(S), Socks4/4a/5)
  • It has a simple timeout system
  • The library is lightweight
  • It is easily compressed (gzip, deflate, brotli)
  • Authentication (Basic Auth, Digest Auth)
  • Cookies
  • HTTP/2 Server Push
  • H2C UpgradeRedirect following

There is always a possibility to explore the library more thoroughly. You can find more examples and details here.

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