Improving your Rails project code quality

Improving your Rails project code quality
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When you do changes in your codebase, you may forget about redundant variables, shorter syntax equivalents or things that might be simply stripped without harming your code. This is what linters for are. We want you to read an article about improving your Rails project code quality.

This is a series of articles written by Dawid Pośliński about improving code quality of Rails-based projects.

Author writes about:

  • tools that are required in every project as a vital component
  • tools that can improve code located in assets and views directories
  • improvements of application security and performance

In this particular article we will mostly talk about tools for improving you code quality. You will find several variants to look closer for polishing JavaScript with samples of usage. And don’t forget cases when you work with stylesheets. They’re also mentioned there. For solving this situation you might follow a similar scenario as with Javascript linters.

Why you should read this article? Linters are especially valuable for less experienced developers and aimed to help them code better. Anyway, you shouldn’t always follow every single suggestion from linters. You can find how to improve your Rails project code in the series of articles on

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