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Join ITEM 2019!
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Last year, the 7th ITEM Business & Technology IT Conference was held in Dnipro. In 2 days this event gathered 40 speakers from 15 countries and 800+ participants! Today we’d like you to join ITEM 2019! On June 7th, ITEM Product Kyiv 2019 (this time in Kyiv!) will be devoted to Customer Development! 

Why you should join ITEM 2019?

If your company creates products for Europian or American markets it’s vital to understand your prospects and current users. At the conference you’ll find the answers to “what shall we do?” question.

ITEM Product Kyiv is the first conference in Ukraine about Customer Development.

  • For the first time in Ukraine – Etienne Garbugli, the author of ‘Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want’;
  • 6 speakers with unique experiences;
  • Deep Dive – cutting-edge Customer Development techniques in practice;
  • Professional networking in the midst of Product Managers and owners of IT companies;
  • Practice of how to interview end users based on your own projects;
  • New faces, facts only, examples from own products, practical experience you can implement on your own projects.

At the conference you’ll learn:

  • How Customer Development processes save your energy and money;
  • How to interview end users and where to find these users. Especially if you work on a product for foreign markets;
  • How end users’ interview help sell product or feature. Even if you haven’t created anything yet;
  • How to understand what information is missing and where you can get it. And how to know the difference between facts and fantasies;
  • Why any new product should be started with Customer Development;
  • How to implement Customer Development in your company’s processes.

All these issues will be discussed for: different product types (B2B and B2C), markets (local and global), distribution (offline and online), sizes (from small to mass market) and at different stages (from startup to corporation). And all these issues just within a day!

Find speakers and venue on the official event website!

Get tickets!

See you there!

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