Landing Pagr is a tool to write your landing page copy on

Landing Pagr is a tool to write your landing page copy on
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A copy is one of the most important elements on your landing page. And sometimes it takes a lot of effort to attempt to write copy, design, code, host your landing page at the same time and can take the focus away from your initial work. But we have something that can help you. Landing Pagr is a tool to write your landing page copy on.

So how does this work exactly?

  • LandingPagr comprises 17 essential landing page blocks such as a Hero block, Features/Benefits, Testimonials, Pricing etc.
  • You can click on the headings and paragraphs and start editing them.
  • When you edit a page, a unique URL is automatically linked to it. Use it to access your work later, or share your work with your colleagues and designers. But don’t lose it.
  • Before switching to the other tasks, like design, coding or hosting, make sure you have finalized your copy.
  • LandingPagr is made for marketers, product people, techies and anyone who build a landing page.
  • It is completely free to use. So you can create as many pages as you want.

Don’t hesitate and try it here.

Creating great landing pages is important. Their role is underestimated but they play a significant role in the future success of your application. Do you know what are the functions of your application landing page?

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