Learn to code with live streams from the best developers!

Learn to code with live streams from the best developers!
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The rare finding was discovered by Syndicode these days. We talk about the list of awesome developers who stream the process of coding! There you can find JavaScript, IoT, Rust, different JS frameworks, Ruby, Webpack, PHP, CSS and more… So, don’t miss your chance, learn to code with live streams from the best developers!

The list of technologies represented here is really ‘all-inclusive’! Just go through and find a developer who does live streams for what you’re interested in. Trust us, when you see someone else coding, it’s much easier to get the deeper understanding of the technology and the highlights!

From PHP to game development, from Java to Webpack, from React.js to 3d printing!

Explore and enjoy!

Learn to code with live streams from the best developers:

Suz Hinton – streaming: IoT, Web Development, Hardware Hacking, 3D Printing, Node.js, JavaScript
Feross Aboukhadijeh – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, Frameworks, Developer Tooling, Web Development
Thorsten Lorenz – streaming: Node.js, Module Development, Developer Tooling, Web Development, JavaScript
Amorelandra – streaming: Twitch Extension Development, IRL, JavaScript
Shirley Wu – streaming: Data Visualisation (DataViz), JavaScript, React
Sean Larkin – streaming: Webpack, OSS, JavaScript, Gaming
Kent C. Dodds – streaming: JavaScript, React, Web Development, Open Source, Node.js
Kyle Shevlin – streaming: React, JavaScript, Functional Programming, Web Development
Brian Clark – streaming: Node.js, JavaScript, IoT, Web Development, Swift
Yosh – streaming: OSS maintenance, Tooling Development, JavaScript, Node.js, Choo
Micah Elizabeth Scott – streaming: Reverse Engineering, Rust, C++, Hardware
Russell Hay – streaming: Rust, Functional Programming, Hardware, Generative Art
Collin Henderson – streaming: JavaScript, PHP, Laravel, Vue.js
Tim Ermilov – streaming: OSS, building things with JavaScript, React
Nicholas Brochu – streaming: Python, Serpent.AI Framework Dev, Machine Learning, AI, Computer Vision
Tierney Cyren – streaming: Node.js, Node.js Community Committee, JavaScript, Maintaining OSS Projects
Erik Guzman – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, ReactJS, React Native, APIs, Web Development
Gary Kramlich – streaming: Pidgin Development, Convey Development, OSS Development, C, Golang, Python, JavaScript, Docker, Containers
Thomas Soerensen – streaming: Golang, PHP (Laravel), JavaScript
Sallar Kaboli – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, Electron, React, OSS Projects, APIs
Pavithra Kodmad – streaming: JavaScript, CSS, Open Source Stuff
Mattias Petter Johansson – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, Programming in general
HardlyDifficult – streaming: Game Development (Unity3D, C#), C# Programming, Cryptocurrency
RadicalFishGames – streaming: Game Development (JavaScript, WebGL) (Game: CrossCode)
Daniel Shiffman – streaming: JavaScript, Processing, P5.js, WebGL, Machine Learning, Algorithms
Casey Muratori – streaming: C, C++, Game Development, Algorithms
Ferris – streaming: Emulator Development, Demoscene Tools, Hardware Hacking, Rust, C, C++
Jeff Fritz – streaming: C#, .NET, ASP.NET, OSS and Pair Programming
Jessica Mak – streaming: C++, OpenGL, Game Development
Shinmera – streaming: Game Development, Common Lisp
Swizec Teller – streaming: JavaScript, React, D3
Sergio Cinos – streaming: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Full stack development
Ragnar Thor – streaming: JavaScript, React, Web Development, Open Source, Node.js
Alexander Simovic – streaming: Serverless, Node.js, JavaScript, Claudia.js, Chatbots, Web Development, OSS
Adam13531 – streaming: Node.js, JavaScript, React, PixiJS, Full Stack Development, Game Development
Luke Gorrie – streaming: C, Lua, RaptorJIT, R, Nix, Network drivers
Josh Hawkins – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, Rust, Python, OSS Projects, Gaming
DrunkDevs – streaming: Game Development, Game Maker: Studio, Aseprite
Syanoks – streaming: Operating System Development, C, Assembly, Shell, Python
Antonio Maiorano – streaming: Emulator Development, C++
Brian McKenna – streaming: Haskell, Functional Programming
Jack Mott – streaming Teaching Programming, Gamedev, Golang, SDL2, OpenGL
Joe Bew – streaming: Practices in computer programming, Clean Code, TDD, Refactoring, Open Source projects
Mike Conley – streaming: Firefox Development, JavaScript, C++, CSS, Rust
Gwen Frey – streaming Game Development, Unreal Blueprint, Animation
Jonathan Blow – streaming Programming, Gamedev, Jai, C++, OpenGL
Sébastien Rancoud – streaming: JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Unreal Engine, Unity, APIs, Web Development
Jen Tong – streaming: Python, JavaScript, NodeBots, Astronomy
CaptainKraft – streaming: C, C++, Rust
iDevelopThings – streaming PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Full stack development, Web Development
DevChatter – streaming: C#, .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Pair Programming
nmarulo – streaming: JAVA, PHP, C#, JavaScript, Web development, MySQL, Bootstrap CSS
Randall Hunt – streaming: AWS, Web Development, Hardware Hacking, Python, Serverless, AI
Keraf – streaming JavaScript, C#, Node.js, .NET Core, React, Web Development, Browser Extension Dev
btor – streaming PHP (Symfony), Javascript, Java (Swing), Python … Language: FRA,ENG
KensoDev – streaming Advanced Devops – Python, Terraform, React
SirLynixVanFrietjes – streaming C++, Lua, Game Development (in french)
Jochen Lillich – streaming Ruby, Chef, DevOps, Docker, Kontena

We hope you liked it! The details can be found on awesome-developer-streams GitHub page.

Also, for those of you, who practicing Ruby and Ruby on Rails, here you can find many useful books and courses.

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