Learning Vue.js sources

Learning Vue.js sources
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Despite React still has a much larger share of the market, Vue’s meteoric rise certainly shows no sign of stopping. That’s why Syndicode has already tried Vue.js as frontend for Rails. Comparing to Angular and React, it’s not going to be widely used soon, but any software development company has to consider it – Vue.js combined the best of two worlds. Let’s discover where to start and where to master with Vue.js.

Learning Vue.js sources

Here are the main sources we recommend to learn Vue.js:

  1. The Progressive JavaScript Framework. This is the official website of Vue.js framework where you can find all the information about it and the special ‘Learn’ section for newbies. What is interesting, here you don’t even need to have prior knowledge in JavaScript. Read the guide and start building any things you want.Learning Vue.js sources. VueJS org.
  2. A course called  “Build something awesome” is focused on practical code projects and lets you get a deeper knowledge about different aspects and parts of Vue.Learning Vue.js sources. Build something awesome
  3. Udemy offers many great free and paid Vue learning courses. One of them is a course on learning basics with very good documentation called Vue JS 2 – The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex). It consists of 21,5 hours of video and 45 related articles.
    Learning Vue.js sources. Udemy VueJS course
  4.  Free video courses on youtube. This is the first video of a series that teach you about Vue.js fundamentals.
    Learning Vue.js sources. Video course on Youtube
  5. Course in Laracast learning website. There you can also listen to podcasts and read current discussions related to your topic.Learning Vue.js resources. Syndicode web development
  6. A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js. Well, here you can find almost everything from (again) a list of resources, Vue.js projects, frameworks, and utilities, to integrations and DevTools.
    Learning Vue.js resources. Awesome Vue
  7. The Vue Handbook curated by Flavio Copes. From tooling and components to creating your first Vue.js app. You have only to leave your email – and a PDF version of the handbook is yours.Learning Vue.js resources. Vue handbook

Don’t forget to check the list of 21 best Vue.js UI libraries!

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