Main Node.js web frameworks for 2019

Main Node.js web frameworks for 2019
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Earlier we wrote about Sails.js MVC framework for Node. Today you have a chance to explore the detailed information and comparison for the main Node.js web frameworks for 2019.

Each framework has its goals, design decisions, and peculiarities. You should carefully consider how these map to your own use case currently and as far as you can tell in the future:

  1. AdonisJs takes a page from the Hapi manual by explicitly choosing to write its own dependencies from scratch.
  2. Express. It is still a very minimal framework that, on install, gives you a bare-bones API server.
  3. Fastify comes with experimental HTTP 2.0 support and ships with TypeScript typings.
  4. Hapi was developed at Walmart to provide a rock solid foundation for their e-commerce business.
  5. Koa comes with a list of third-party middlewares almost as long as Express although a lot of them seem to be abandoned or just not maintained on a regular basis.
  6. Nest is a bit different than all the others as it is based on TypeScript and uses Express under the hood.
  7. Restify is squarely aimed at providing a framework for building RESTful APIs, where other frameworks tend to solve API.
  8. Sails was arguably the first Node.js web framework to provide a “full stack” experience similar to Rails on the Ruby platform.
  9. Server.js started in 2017 and has seen steady, but not explosive growth over 2018.

If you are interested, all of these frameworks are listed here.

This is a Node.js guide for beginners where you’ll find the fundamental Noge.js principles covered along with editing existing or creating new scripts.

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