Main types of project managers in IT

Main types of project managers in IT
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In custom software development, Syndicode has a huge experience of working with, most of the stages depend on a unique and dedicated person called product manager. This specialist has to be expert in tech and management, psychology and business. Today, we would like you to learn about main types of project managers in IT.

Nani Davitadze, Project Manager of Brightech, summarized the main types of project managers in IT she had to deal with during her career:

  • Power and humiliation. The managers of such type usually are very strict and like to keep everything in order, meet all the deadlines and there usually is 8-hour productive work on the project. This type is psychologically difficult to deal with but very good for the result of the project.
  • Celestials. The celestial managers usually have the crown on their heads so they spend the day closed in their office, communicate with employees only through messengers and quickly ran from their office so that nobody could have time to ask any questions. They come down from their Olympus only when the project begins to crush. They appear to find the guilty person and publicly execute him.
  • Technicians. Tech managers are usually those who have been appointed to this position from programmers or system architects. They didn’t want to be managers but each of them have their own reasons: someone could not refuse the authorities, someone wanted to earn more money, someone decided he is tired of keeping up with technology and decided to sit out with the managers. In general, they were techies, and they like the technical part of the project, understand it and even can explain this to the customer.
  • No technicians. These are managers who don’t know IT technologies so well but are good leaders. They skillfully communicate with customers, smooth the corners if the team did something wrong, solve all personnel issues or skillfully delegate their decisions. They trust their team and take care of it in return, so the team pays them back.
  • Tyrants. Usually, these are traumatized individuals who try to compensate for all their childhood grievances and assert themselves by humiliating others. Their main task is to find the guilty one and punish this person, and even better – in public.

If you are a manager, read these types and try to understand which one is yours, and what should be done to be a better manager for your team.

Meanwhile, read what is the role of a good product manager.

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