Maintainable and scalable frontend architecture

Maintainable and scalable frontend architecture
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In many projects that we’ve done, we have found that it’s really important to pay attention to all possible details and remember the basic rules that will make your work smooth and result in a quality product. We’ve shared with you 5 principles of software architecture that explain how the software should be maintained. And today we would like to make life easier for you and present maintainable and scalable frontend architecture.

While in backend development, there are many architectural patterns and concepts that can be used, for example, the domain-driven development (DDD) and separation of concerns (SoC), the modern frontend applications try to catch. That’s why the users need a reliable architecture, that can be maintainable and scalable.

The frontend is something that you always see first. When the frontend project’s features are growing, we have more bugs. Usually, the users expect to have no bugs and to get new features fast. But this is hard. Only while using a good architecture we can only try to achieve this.

This material with examples, schemes, and code describes the high-level frontend application that can help you to make it work better.

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