Material Bread is a cross platform React Native Material Design components

Material Bread is a cross platform React Native Material Design components
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Are you familiar with the phrase that “Design is intelligence made visible”? When the code can help you with the design, the phrase carries even a better sense. We support this idea and would like to present you a new platform that will help in making your ideas more visible. Material Bread is a cross-platform React Native Material Design components. Read on!

So, what is exactly this Material Bread made for? The goal of this library is to connect matching components from the material docs for a developer to make a non-supported component from all these supported components. Right now there are 39 distinct components with many variations and 4 utility components.

The main features of the platform are:

  • Customizable React Native Components.
  • Cross platform support: React Native (iOS, Android), React-native-web (Browsers), Electron (Windows, Mac, Linux), react-native-windows, react-native-macos
  • Support for Material Design 2.0 components.
  • Live React Native demos that can be edited in your browser.

You are always free to check how it works here.

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