Medium-zoom is JS library for zooming images

Medium-zoom is JS library for zooming images
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The strength of JavaScript is that you can do anything. The weakness is that you will.  Especially using amazing JS libraries that seem to appear every day. Medium-zoom is JS library for zooming images.

So, what are the main features of a JavaScript library for zooming images like Medium:

  • Responsive — scale on mobile and desktop
  • Performant and lightweight — should be able to reach 60 fps
  • High definition support — load the HD version of your image on zoom
  • Flexibility — apply the zoom to a selection of images
  • Mouse, keyboard, and gesture friendly — click anywhere, press a key or scroll away to close the zoom
  • Event handling — trigger events when the zoom enters a new state
  • Customization — set your own margin, background and scroll offset
  • Pluggable — add your own features to the zoom
  • Custom templates — extend the default look to match the UI of your app

The selector allows attaching images to the zoom. It can be of the following types: CSS selectors,HTMLElement,NodeList,Array

There are many methods you can use in this library. Please feel free to check them here.

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