Meet 3 new Ruby gems: Pwned, Deferral and interesting_methods

Meet 3 new Ruby gems: Pwned, Deferral and interesting_methods
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You must have read our review with the most popular Ruby gems. Anyway, the world is changing and new gems appear. So today we’d like to introduce you some new Ruby libraries for better development experience. Meet 3 new Ruby gems: Pwned, Deferral and interesting_methods!

As Ruby on Rails agency, we want you to meet

3 new Ruby gems worth your attention

  1. Pwned
    This is an easy, Ruby way to use the Pwned Passwords API. In other words, Pwned is a library to use the Pwned Passwords API’s k-Anonymity model to test a password against the API without sending the entire password to the service.
    The Pwned Passwords API allows us to check a password against the database of passwords. With the results, we can advise users to choose better passwords when they sign up for a service, when they log in or when they change their password.
  2. Deferral
    Deferral is a Golang style “defer” in Ruby. This gem provides a feature to release resources safely, using Golang style defer method. It accepts a block argument to execute at the end of caller scope and executes specified blocks in reverse order when getting out from specified scope.
  3. interesting_methods
    Interesting Methods allows you to see relevant methods in your repl by adding .im to any object in Ruby.

Try them and use for better development experience!

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