Meet Ionic React Beta!

Meet Ionic React Beta!
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Ionic is a framework for building cross-platform hybrid mobile apps. And previously it was commonly associated with Angular. But now it’s available in a React flavor too with around 70 components intended to cover the main use cases when building mobile apps. Meet Ionic React Beta!

Getting started is quite simple. Begin first with create-react-app, because we want you to use Ionic with React in the most familiar way. Ionic provides components to help with navigation like tabs and stack-based navigation. There are around 70 components with Ionic React. These components cover the majority of use cases for building a mobile application—Including buttons, cards, menus, tabs, alerts, modals, and so much more. Next, let’s take a look at a few example components to gain a better understanding of what to expect when building with Ionic.

  • Button provides a clickable element that can be used in forms or anywhere that needs standard button functionality.
  • Cards are just a standard piece of UI that serves as an entry point to more detailed information.
  • Modal is a dialog that appears on top of the app’s content and must be dismissed by the app before an interaction can resume.

If you would like to see an example application that shows usage and provides more context around the best way to leverage each component, please take a look at it here.

We also recommend using TypeScript in your app. While this is not required, we mention it because Ionic React ships with TypeScript type definitions, and it makes for excellent developer experience.

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