Meet Node v13.0.0

Meet Node v13.0.0
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When it comes to Node.js, we are here to spread the word about new releases and to announce the good news. Today we’d like to present to you a new version and highlighted updates of Node.js. Meet Node v13.0.0!  

The new version brings performance improvements. Besides, as NodeJS development agency, we selected some of the other features that seems important to us:

  • V8 7.8 now works better regarding object destructuring and its regex match failures faster.
  • The new release includes a full ICU with all supported locales.
  • For those experiencing poor practices the new version offers many deprecations.
  • The update removed the legacy HTTP parser.
  • The domain’s error handler is performed with the active domain.

There are many changes regarding http, assert and domain. You can get to know them here.

Oh, by the way, as NodeJS development agency, Syndicode can provide you with top-notch software development and consultancy!

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