Modern JS animation libraries

Modern JS animation libraries
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There are many great libraries in Javascript. But not all of them worth sharing. However, if you are in web development and animation design for a while you gain the needed expertise to tell whether the library good enough. Today we decided to share with you some of the best modern JS animation libraries.

Here is the list of the best JavaScript animation libraries as for 2019:

  1. Three.js
    A popular library that has more than 1,000 contributors, creates 3D animations on the browser, using WebGL technology. It’s great in designing rich interactive experiences across devices and browsers.
  2. Anime.js
    A JavaScript library with CSS Properties, CSS, SVG or any DOM attributes, and JavaScript Objects. You can design chain multiple animation properties, synchronize many instances together and many more.
  3. Mo.js
    It is a motion graphics library with simple APIs, cross-device compatibility that has more than 1500 unit-tests. Here you can move things and create objects.
  4. AniJS
    An animation library that focuses on animations of day-to-day UX projects. It is created more for web developers who work on dynamic interfaces.
  5. Velocity
    Very fast animation library that features color animation, transforms, SVG support, loops and scrolling.
  6. Animate Plus
    A good library for web developers who are trying to add animation effects into their frontend UI/UX. Here you need to use the animate() function to create everything you need, with parameters inside curly braces.
  7. Popmotion
    A unctional and reactive animation library that allows developers to design animations from actionsthat can be created with CSS, SVG, React, three.js and any API.
  8. Vivus
    It is a library to make animations on SVGs, that look like drawings. You can choose one of the animations available on the library or create a custom script.
  9. Wow.js
    An animation library with some crazy styles. Just visit their website to get the idea.
  10. GreenSock JS
    A library for designing high-performance and zero dependencies animations that are used in over 4 million websites. They are flexible and work with React, Vue, Angular and vanilla JS.
  11. Scroll Reveal
    Easy scroll animation library for the web and mobile browsers, make things on-scroll animated. It has many types of effects. And here you can choose animations using natural language.

Here are some of the main and finest libraries we wanted to share with you. Read here more!

Also, check Particles.js for awesome background effects.

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