New SEO tools in Sharetribe Go

New SEO tools in Sharetribe Go
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For many marketplaces, traffic depends on a lot of organic searches. That is why search engine optimization (SEO) best practices include Sharetribe Go marketplace. The latest Sharetribe Go update gives you more power over your SEO tools: customizable meta tags and visible Sitemap and robots.txt files. Today we want you to meet new SEO tools in Sharetribe Go! 

  • With the automatic SEO features, Go results of your organic traffic are very good.
  • With the robots.txt file for Sharetribe marketplaces Google (and other search engines) can index all pages of your marketplace. But there are some bots that can be restricted.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /*auth$
Crawl-Delay: 5
  • The compressed sitemap has more than 500 references.
  • The sitemap file format is compatible with all search engines (such as Google) bots.
  •  The search engines robots find it automatically as it is referenced in the automatic robots.txt file.
  • The default tags work for most websites, but remember to customize them based on your SEO strategy.

Find more about robots.txt, sitemap and meta tags.

But if you want to have your own online marketplace to be really custom and tailored to respond to any of your needs, you’d better think of RoR marketplace from scratch. And find more on how Syndicode does Ruby on Rails marketplace development every day!

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