Next.js 8 new features

Next.js 8 new features
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According to The State of JavaScript 2018 survey, Express is still dominating. But Next.js is generating a lot of interest! Although it’s not quite comparable to a full-featured Node back-end, its single-minded focus on solving the server-side-rendering problem for React apps has made it a very useful tool. Now we are proud to introduce the production-ready Next.js 8 new features. As always, we have strived to ensure all these benefits are completely backward compatible.

 Next.js 8, featuring:

  • Serverless Next.js
  • Massive build-time memory usage reduction
  • Build-time environment configuration
  • Prefetch performance improvements
  • Smaller initial HTML size
  • Improved on-demand entries
  • Faster port listening in development
  • Faster Static Export
  • Head element deduplication
  • New crossOrigin config option
  • Removed inline Javascript
  • Example of API Authentication

Ever since its first release, Next.js has been used in everything from Fortune 500 companies to personal blogs. We’re very excited to see the continued growth in Next.js adoption. Check for more details here.

By the way, talking about React we can’t miss React Spring, a great animation package that has been endorsed by some of the React core team including Dan Abramov. Have you heard of it? Dan wouldn’t make something bad!

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