Node 12.6.0 and 12.5.0 are released

Node 12.6.0 and 12.5.0 are released
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If you read our blog, you could notice that Node.js community is growing extremely fast. In this post, we are happy to announce wonderful news – Node 12.6.0 and 12.5.0 are released! There are many changes in the new versions of Node.

Here we gathered the most important ones:

  • build: support for building Node.js on MIPS architecture.
  • child_process: new versions of child_process.exec and child_process.execFile now both return a Promise with the child instance attached to their child property.
  • deps: updated libuv to 1.30.1. that has support for the Haiku platform now
  • process:  new method appeared, process.resourceUsage() , that returns resource usage for the current process.
  • src: the issue that was related to stdio and could lead to a crash of the process was fixed.
  • stream: the new writableFinished property was added to writable streams.
  • worker: the new issue about worker threads was added.
  • flat and flatMap: access to new array methods.
  • optional catch binding feature: now it’s possible to skip the variable
  • Object.fromEntries method:  creating an object either from Map or from a key/value array.

There are many more features you can find useful, feel free to check them here.

P.S. If you want to learn some key metrics of Node.js apps, we are here to help.

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