NodeCG is a broadcast graphics framework and application

NodeCG is a broadcast graphics framework and application
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Node.js is an open-source JavaScript run-time environment that Syndicode uses in many of our projects. Today’s article will be especially interesting for developers capable of creating their own graphics using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We want to present you a programming framework that will make your work absolutely amazing. NodeCG is a broadcast graphics framework and application and let’s talk about it more.

Thanks to NodeCG you will be able to write complex, dynamic broadcast graphics using the web platform. As it has no graphics or drawing primitives of its own but provides a structure for your code and an API to facilitate moving data between the dashboard, the server, and your graphics. It gives you complete freedom to use whatever libraries, frameworks, tools, and methodologies you want. So, NodeCG graphics can be used in any environment that can render HTML, including OBS Studio, vMix, XSplit, CasparCG.

Each NodeCG graphic is called a bundle. A bundle has the following features:

  • Graphics: Visual elements to render and broadcast.
  • Dashboard Panels: Controls used to manipulate and manage the bundle.
  • Extension: Server-side code.

A bundle can have multiple graphics and dashboard panels, and an extension can be split up into multiple files.

That’s what you need to start:

  • Install a bundle to the bundles folder.
  • Start NodeCG (node index.js or nodecg start if you have nodecg-cli installed).
  • Open the dashboard (http://localhost:9090 by default).
  • Open a graphic from the “Graphics” menu.
  • Configure NodeCG by creating and editing cfg/nodecg.json.

That’s just the beginning. To explore more, visit here.

Most of the significant Node.js features were first experimental…Intrigued? Find more on our blog.

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