NodeJS Instagram private API client

NodeJS Instagram private API client
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For Node.js to grow and evolve, the contributors keep researching, experimenting and adding new features. And we need to tell about them. That’s how you can use all that information and try to implement into reality. In today’s article, you are going to learn more about NodeJS Instagram private API client.

Sometimes you can experience some troubles with the API. That’s why Node.js API wrapper was invented ans written in TypeScript. Now it can easily provide the code to others.

You can install this by using npm:

npm install instagram-private-api

We’ve collected the most important features for you:

  • You can easily ask for any private endpoint with the Request and WebRequest classes
  • Session and device management
  • Follow / unfollow
  • Upload / delete medias
  • Search & Iterate for Location, Users, Hashtags
  • Edit account profile
  • Resolve challenges (Captcha, Phone verification, Email verification)
  • Access media from many sources profile / location / hashtag
  • Access feeds for timeline or discovery
  • Create and manage new accounts
  • Send direct messages or list direct messages in inbox

Every request going to Instagram is performed through the Request & WebRequest classes. For the private endpoints, you can simply use the Request class, which will lead to the host For requests to (web app), you can use the WebRequest class. WebRequest is a child of Request.

And many more things you can explore by yourself here.

Did you know that the Diagnostic Report utility was recently brought into the Node.js? Stay tuned!

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