PixelSnap 2 for measuring anything on your screen

PixelSnap 2 for measuring anything on your screen
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“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” We agree and would like to offer you a possibility to experience a really magical tool that will help you to make your design projects more enjoyable. Please meet PixelSnap 2 for measuring anything on your screen.

PixelSnap 2 is completely rewritten from scratch, it is a new version that helps to measure things has faster and more enjoyable.

The new version has more than 30 changes, we collected the most useful for you:

  • PixelSnap works on the whole screen, across all apps, and you can measure anything
  • It quickly gets the distance between any elements on your screen
  • It instantly finds the boundaries of any object by simply dragging an area around it
  • You can add guides by checking alignment and adding horizontal and vertical guides on the screen
  • It is possible to make screenshots and export your measurements as an image and easily collaborate with others
  • The program can adjust the tolerance to work with shadows and low contrast elements
  • The app supports Retina and works with multiple displays
  • PixelSnap shows real dimensions regardless of the displayed zoom level

Here you can explore all the changes and try to create a new project! Way to go!

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