Progressive Web Apps on the desktop!

Progressive Web Apps on the desktop!
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Good news from Google Developers! From now on Progressive Web Apps on the desktop! Desktop Progressive Web App support is available on Chrome OS 67 (currently beta), but work is underway to support Mac and Windows.

Right now Google Developers are working on support for Mac and Windows. For all of these platforms, they’re looking at:

  • Adding support for keyboard shortcuts, so you can provide your own functionality.
  • Badging for the launch icon, so you can let the user know about important events that you don’t want to display a full notification for.
  • And link capturing – opening the installed PWA when the user clicks on a link handled by that app.

Why PWA on the desktop?

Since most people are at work using their desktops, the desktop usage is more evenly distributed throughout the day than a mobile usage. According to Google Developers,

Having that ‘installed’, native feel, is important to users, it gives them the confidence that the app will be fast, integrated, reliable and engaging. Desktop Progressive Web Apps can be launched from the same place as other desktop apps, but that they run in an app window – so they look and feel like other apps on the desktop.

In this article, developers can learn the getting started, the app window, adding to homescreen and some design considerations.

p.s. Find out why your next project should be PWA!

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