Puma is a Ruby web server built for speed and parallelism

Puma is a Ruby web server built for speed and parallelism
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We know that life is a great teacher itself but we want to help a little and share with you some information about the new trending Ruby on Rails repositories that appeared this summer. For example, Puma is a Ruby web server built for speed and parallelism that you can definitely need in your project. 

Puma is a small library with a very fast HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby web applications. It was designed for Rack applications by Evan Phoenix in late 2011 and recently the code was rewritten. What makes it great in use are:

  • PUMA is only 78 Mb.
  • Puma doesn’t have any unnecessary abstractions
  • It supports the Rack interface directly
  • The library is made to be used on a Ruby implementation, such as Rubinius and JRuby
  •  It has a simple performance request/response pipeline to Rack applications
  • It can be used in nearly all Ruby web applications

If you are using Bundler, add Puma to your project and write: get ‘puma’. When you installed your bundle, start Puma by running: $ bundle exec puma. Now it’s ready and you can use it! Explore more here.

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