‘request’ Node module for HTTP requests goes into Maintenance Mode

‘request’ Node module for HTTP requests goes into Maintenance Mode
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On March 30 we found out that the ‘request’ module is going into Maintenance Mode. This popular and long standing module for Node apps is considered hard to change and modernize without breaking things. That is why ‘request’ Node module for HTTP requests is going into Maintenance Mode. Meet its alternatives!

The first version of request was one of the first modules ever created for the Node.js. The earliest versions were written to APIs that pre-date the standard callback interface, streams, node_modules and npm. But now it’s tome for the mode to go into the Maintenance Mode and that’s the result:

  • request will stop accepting new features.
  • request will stop considering breaking changes.
  • The committers that are still active will try to merge fixes in a timely fashion.
  • Releases will be fully automated, any merge into master will be published.

What you can do? Use alternative libraries like:

  1. node-fetch – a light-weight module that brings window.fetch to Node.js
  2. bent – functional HTTP client for Node.js w/ async/await
  3. got – simplified HTTP requests
  4. make-fetch-happen – make-fetch-happen is a Node.js library that wraps node-fetch-npm with additional features
  5. axios – promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js
  6. unfetch – tiny 500b fetch
  7. superagent – small progressive client-side HTTP request library
  8. tiny-json-http – HTTP client for GET and POSTing JSON payloads
  9. needle – the leanest HTTP client in the Nodelands
  10. urllib – basic and digest authentication, redirections, cookies and more.

Please get all the necessary information here.

By the way, did you check the guide on dynamic image resizing with Node.js and the Serverless Framework by Nick Gottlieb. It can be a good start for entering web app development along with understanding how serverless can benefit here. Keep up the good work!

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