Rethink frontend testing

Rethink frontend testing
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Syndicode has a huge expertise in web application development. And we know how accurate we should be about web app testing. Would you like to find out more about frontend testing? In fact, rethinking frontend testing approach can help you create maintainable web apps easier!

If you’re testing front-end apps, you should know about the front-end test pyramid. The front-end test pyramid is a representation of how a front-end test suite should be structured. The ideal test suite is comprised of unit tests, some snapshot tests, and a few end-to-end (e2e) tests.

The app is made from three components — a Button component, a Modal component, and an  App  component. The first tests we’ll write are unit tests. In the front-end test pyramid, the bulk of our tests are unit tests.

There are a few reasons why unit tests should make up the bulk of our test suite: they are fast and granular. The overall unit test will make up the bulk of your tests, you’ll have some snapshot tests, and a few e2e tests.

If you follow the front-end testing pyramid, you’ll create maintainable web apps with killer test suites. You can see the examples of code here. By the way, here is an interesting entry to integration testing you should take a look at. Enjoy!

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