Rollup is an ES6 module bundler

Rollup is an ES6 module bundler
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In our monthly JS digest repositories, you can always read about some of the newest tools. But sometimes some of them need more attention. That’s the case with a Rollup. Rollup is an ES6 module bundler and the tool worth to be explained in a separate post.

Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application. With the help of ES modules, now you can combine the most useful functions from your favorite libraries. It can optimize these modules for faster loading.

You can use these commands to start the application. It is named main.js.

For browsers:

# compile to a <script> containing a self-executing function
$ rollup main.js --format iife --name "myBundle" --file bundle.js

Rollup can import CommonJS modules through a plugin. Here you can find out all about this function as well as many more.

You can check more details about Rollup modules in our material.

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