RQRCode Ruby library to encode QR codes

RQRCode Ruby library to encode QR codes
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The fall brings new colors, but we’ll pay more attention to the new Ruby libraries that appeared. For example, RQRCode Ruby library to encode QR codes.

What exactly is the library made for? It serves the purposes of building and rendering QR codes into other formats. Its interface is simple and it has the standard QR code options. It was adapted from the Javascript library by Kazuhiko Arase. The main features are:

  • QR code is trademarked by Denso Wave inc.
  • Minimum Ruby version is ~> 2.3
  • README is used for rqrcode releases < 1.0.0 

For basic usage examples please check this material.

Don’t miss the chance to learn about another wonderful library, Faker Ruby library for generating fake data. Knowledge is priceless.

But what is also priceless is the professional team that is here to help you with your current Ruby/Rails projects! Let us know if you need us!

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