Ruby Object Mapper (ROM)

Ruby Object Mapper (ROM)
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Rails is getting more and more great updates and libraries. Recently we just presented you monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories digest with a self-hosted music streaming server, RuboCop extension, Ruby gem that wraps a JavaScript charting library and other great open source Ruby/Rails projects on GitHub. And today let’s look closer to one of Ruby libraries that’s called Ruby Object Mapper (ROM).

Once, we have already written about it, but since version 5.0 has rolled out, it’s logic to remind you about this wonderful Ruby persistence library. Ruby Object Mapper is a library that provides object mapping capabilities without limiting the full power of the datastore. Its main characteristics include:

  • Isolating the application from the existing details.
  • Minimum infrastructure for mapping and persistence.
  • Shared abstractions for lower-level components.
  • Features in datastore that are easy in use.
  • Focus on simplicity by providing abstractions to help you turn your raw data into information.
  • No dirty tracking, no identity management, no mutable state.
  • Explicitness whenever possible.
  • Speed and performance are great.
  • Flexibility in the domain layer’s design.

Do you want to know about the updates for the current version of this wonderful library? Feel free to check it here.

And check Puma, a Ruby web server built for speed and parallelism that you can definitely need in your project. p.s. Syndicode can help you with embracing new Rails libraries and making the most of your project.

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