Ruby on Rails advantages for web development

Ruby on Rails advantages for web development
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Do you believe in existing the best single option for development of any project? Whatever it is: a mobile application, back office system, search engine or a website. Probably, you don’t. We thought that. But let us introduce you a scope of Ruby on Rails advantages for web development will make you take it as an option.

From our experience, we found Ruby on Rails as the most versatile, extendable and dynamic option. To see some examples you can browse through our projects. Created in Japan, in less than a decade it became one of the most widespread frameworks. The main concept of it was fun (yes, you got it right). Because programmers should have fun while working. That is why language is made for every human could understand it.

Please, take the main points why RoR should be number one for your next development projects:

  1. A lot of specialized resources. From this point, you will never be alone with your problem. To be honest, everything you can only think about before starting your project is already there: explained and described step-by-step in methodologies.
  2. Big community: RoR has one of the most passionate and skilled communities of any development language. With its support, you can be sure to overcome any difficulty. And yes, community developers are crazy about solving problems and giving advice.
  3. Time-saving. Rails as a framework has well-established defaults for almost everything you need and is modular enough for you to adapt it for nearly any use case. Its self-contained programs that can be plugged into the greater system.
  4. Plenty of existing applications which had proven their stability and efficiency: Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud, GitHub and many more.
  5. Security features are already built into the framework and enabled by default. When you use RoR you automatically following Secure Development Lifecycle.

One of the cons for Ruby on Rails development is relatively high cost. But, not for Ukrainian developers. Due to the research Ukrainian specialists are the cheapest ones among other high-rated professionals. Find an investigation about prices for Ruby on Rails development in our recent article about online marketplace development cost.

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