Ruby on Rails development speed

Ruby on Rails development speed
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As Ruby on Rails agency, we already shared with you a lot of information about the advantages of this framework. Last time you could explore some security issues in RoR. And today we will talk about Ruby on Rails development speed. This factor plays a significant role not only for startups but for all those who want to stay competitive and corner the market.

Kamil Paszkowski in his article reminded us about the role of speed development. We decided to select some of the main theses for you in our material.

If you don’t mind, we will skip the part about how important to market your product as soon as possible. That is obvious. But what development speed brings you in practice? First of all, it means you will spend less money on development: less time spent on coding leads to faster user feedback cycle and smaller development costs. Environmental risks, such as law changes and third-party dependencies’ updates, means that there is some extra work for developers. That’s why the time span from the first noticeable change to production delivery should be as short as possible.

With its development speed, Ruby on Rails is a frequent choice to build prototypes or create the MVP. Let’s take a closer look why:

1. Complete framework

Ruby on Rails is a “battery-included” framework with many out of the box tools and solutions: database communication, schema migrations, email sending/receiving, WebSockets, internalization, caching, API mode and good security defaults.

2. Layered structure

The MVC (Model–View–Controller) software architectural pattern is a simple and easy way to split application logic into separate layers with their respective responsibilities. Ruby on Rails follows MVC allowing developers to focus on what really needs to be done instead of making decisions over code organization (at least in an early stage of a project).

3. Third-party components

A huge collection of gems (third-party components) which significantly speeds up app development. Authentication (registration, login pages or through social media providers like Facebook or Google) is very easy to set up thanks to Devise gem. Building administration panel is simple with ActiveAdmin.

Not so long ago we published the article about the most popular RoR gems.

4. Strong support from DevOps services

There are many hosting services with prebuilt Rails support, e.g.:

  • CircleCI
  • Codeship
  • Semaphore
  • Heroku
  • DigitalOcean

5. Frontend tools support

JavaScript and CSS preprocessors, such as Webpack or SCSS, can be integrated into an application in just a few steps. There are also lots of dedicated gems that support all popular frameworks like React, Ember, Angular or CSS tools.

6. Code scaffolds

Code scaffolds are auto-generated code snippets that can provide good basic defaults for new app components. They are ready to use in a few seconds. Their main benefit is that they make developers more productive in their day-to-day work.

Don’t forget about convention over configuration strategy that saves dozens of lines of configuration and boilerplate code. Favouring sets of rules that comes with Rails can cut the number of decisions that need to be made, keeping code simplicity and flexibility at the same time.

Creating a basic RoR application is a matter of minutes, so presenting the first working version of a product after a few days of development isn’t uncommon. A few months might be enough to build the MVP.

Ruby on Rails has proved to be one of the best choices regarding fast software development. Especially when it comes to building MVPs.

The scope of the reasons why you should consider RoR for your next project is quite big:

1. It’s safe enough to use in fintech startups

2. RoR is equally good for web development and web app development

3. There are many sources to learn RoR and Ruby from

4. Syndicode is looking for Ruby on Rails developer, so that could tell you about the state of the technology – it’s in use and in demand. Moreover, RoR was included in the list of the main website development trends in 2017.

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