Ruby on Rails gems for creative developers

Ruby on Rails gems for creative developers
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As we love Ruby on Rails, we are trying not to miss anything related that can interest us and can be useful for our next projects. If you remember, Syndicode already shared with you some interesting materials about RoR gems. Today we’ll go further and show you Ruby on Rails gems for creative developers!

Some of the gems we are going to share you could have already seen in our previous materials. Still, they worth to be mentioned as the ones of the most interesting.

  1. Ransack
  2. Pry
  3. Pundit
  4. Active Model Serializers
  5. Devise Masquerade
  6. Wicked PDF
  7. Letter Opener
  8. Roadie
  9. Sitemap Generator
  10. VCR
  11. Retryable
  12. Carrierwave
  13. Groupdate
  14. Chartkick
  15. Apartment
  16. Money Rails
  17. Rack Attack
  18. Friendly ID
  19. GeoCoder

If you feel creative enough, explore the list of gems (images processing, address searching by IP, rewriting URLs and more) in details here.

Don’t forget to check our article about the most used RoR gems of all the time.

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