Ruby/Ruby on Rails conferences to visit in 2019

Ruby/Ruby on Rails conferences to visit in 2019
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It’s only one month left till the new 2019 year, so we need to start preparing for the new Ruby/Ruby on Rails conferences. It’s great to start your year getting to know something new and growing as a professional. Here we’ll give you the selection of the most interesting events you shouldn’t miss. Visit as many as you can to improve your skills and find more cool programmers to follow up. 

So, here is your plan for this year!

  1. Ruby Conf India. 20-21/Jan, Goa, India
  2. Ruby Fuza&Friends, 7-8/Feb, Cape Town, South Africa
  3. Ruby Conf AU, 7-9/Feb, Melbourne, Australia
  4. Ruby on Ice, 22-24/Feb, Tegernsee, Germany
  5. Ruby Hack, 3-4/Apr, Salt Lake City, UT
  6. Rails Camp South, 5-8/Apr, Bandera, TX
  7. RubyKaigi, 18-20/Apr, Fukuoka, Japan
  8. RailsConf, 30 Apr-2 May, Minneapolis, MN
  9. Saint P Rubyconf, 1-2/Jun, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  10. Rail Live, 19-20/June, Warwickshire, UK
  11. EuRuKo 2019, 21-22/Jun, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  12. Brighton Ruby, 5th/July, Brighton, UK
  13. Southeast Ruby, 1-2/Aug, Nashville, Tennessee
  14. RubyConf TH. 6-7/Sept, Bangkok, Thailand
  15. RubyC, 14-15/Sept, Kyiv, Ukraine
  16. Ruby Conf, 18-20/ Nov, Nashville, Tennessee

Visit at least one of them this year!

And stay with us! The list will be updated during the year, so don’t forget to check the changes in our blog and explore neat Rails hacks we share in our blog posts!
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