Running Ruby on Rails on Windows

Running Ruby on Rails on Windows
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Rails changed a lot since 2005, but without even going that far away, things changed a lot even in the last five years. There were many efforts on how to improve its work. And today we can present you something really awesome! Running Ruby on Rails on Windows is possible now!

You can easily sign up for Windows Insiders Fast and make sure your version of Windows is 18945 or greater. The nest steps are easy:

  1. Go to the Windows Store and download “Linux” or Ubuntu 18.04 LTS directly.
  2. Make sure your distro is running at speed with WSL2
  3. Edit your profiles.json and make a profile with a commandLine
  4. Install the VSCode Remote Extension pack to develop from Windows on remote machines OR in WSL or  Container directly
  5. Run “explorer.exe .” and launch Windows Explorer
  6. You can also install the ruby-debug-ide gem inside WSL

Check more instructions in this detailed material.

And explore our monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories digests. Find out about the next generation of time arithmetic library and many other great open sources Ruby/Rails projects on GitHub.

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