Serverless Applications on AWS

Serverless Applications on AWS
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Serverless applications are the new standard. Moreover, serverless is the ultimate standard for the SaaS model. To know why you can read in details about their pros. Today we are going to share with you some of the main issues you could face while experiencing working with serverless applications on AWS.

Just remember, when you start working with serverless architecture, concentrate more on innovating application. That’s some of our main recommendations:

  1. Looking for serverless solutions, try not to use only functions all the time.
  2. Use serverless while creating event-based architectures.
  3. Apply intrinsic advanced observability to the operations.
  4. Create failure scenarios in advance.

You can face some challenges of server architecture, like synchronous calls, state management requirements, not resilience to failure, difficulties with scaling. Think about creating serverless microservices for a more flexible architecture. This can really help.

Best practices show that you need to optimize clients and connections, function execution, environment variables, max memory used and a package.

Read more this wonderful material to get acquainted with the main myths that can get in the way of the success of your AWS.

And compare AWS vs. Google Cloud vs. Microsoft Azure with an emphasis of that they have in common and what are their main differences!

As a SaaS company, Syndicode is ready to provide you with the best infrastructure no matter you want us to use AWS or GCP!

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