Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday

Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday
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You already know that Syndicode is the marketplace development agency. In our article about self-hosted Sharetribe, you could read about Sharetribe’s main advantages and problems. One of its the main problems was the lack of flexibility. That is why we even created the list of Sharetribe alternatives for custom-built solutions! And now Sharetribe Flex was introduced yesterday! That means Sharetribe is back in the game! 

Sharetribe team has been hard at work for more than a year building a new product from the ground up. So eventually they presented the result!

Sharetribe Flex is based on the principles of ‘The Lean Marketplace’ book and combines the flexibility of a custom-built solution. However, Sharetribe stays close to the budget and time-to-market of an off-the-shelf solution like it was before. It is announced for Sharetribe Flex to have unlimited customization.

The other advantages presented in Sharetribe Flex:

  • Flexible Booking Flow
  • Expand on demand
  • Customizable UI & UX
  • Ability to adjust the visual elements and design

Sharetribe Flex is currently in closed preview. But you can see the first Flex-powered platforms by requesting the early access.

Give it a try!

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