Sidekiq 6.0

Sidekiq 6.0
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Do you like to get news about new releases and updates? We definitely do. And we like to be the first to announce them. This time it’s Sidekiq 6.0, that is available after nine months of development!

The new version of Sidekiq 6.0 has some breaking changes that we are ready to share with you:

  • osidekiq_optionsnow works for ActiveJobs directly to configure Sidekiq features/internals like the retry subsystem.
  • Like in Rails 6.0, Sidekiq 6.0 now upgraded its platforms to Ruby 2.5+ and Redis 4.0+
  • The new default shutdown timeout is increased from 8 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • Logging was redesigned with the new pluggable formatters and other formats ship with Sidekiq.

To check new updates see here. But don’t be afraid Sidekiq mostly remained stable.

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