Signs of MVP abuse

Signs of MVP abuse
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Happy New Year everyone! We will start our 2018 year with MVP development and article about taking the most important decision for your minimum viable product. What do you know about risks and problems you can face while working on your MVP? Syndicode will tell you about signs of MVP abuse and the way to avoid such things. 

In our MVP development guide, you could find all the important details to build your MVP and test your product before the full-version launch. But you should know about some pitfalls only experienced MVP development company can avoid.

When outsourcing your MVP you save a lot of time and money. Because professionals know about signs of MVP abuse and know how to prevent them.

In our MVP development guide we mentioned above, we already shared with you the reasons to outsource. But this topic should be explained better with a few additional points you have to go through and understand. The situations happen to be sometimes really insidious:

1. Scope negotiation

Rather than being about validating an experiment, it becomes a way to negotiate scope, “just one more thing for MVP” or, “can we pull this into the MVP and this to phase 2”.

2. Just a single MVP

MVP is a process, not a goal. You don’t “reach the MVP”. There’s no “the MVP” and “the rest of the product” because this assumes that your product is at some point finished — which means there’s no room for improvement, no more learning, no more features. That doesn’t sound great.

3. Phrases like “beta” and “alpha”, or “phase 1, 2, n…”

Thee are red flags. It suggests that extra work has already been planned way ahead of time and regardless of what you learn, that work is going to be implemented. Huge no-no. If we don’t learn, we can’t improve. We’re doomed to implement the wrong thing, over and over again.

4. No validation, no data

This is another red flag, if your hypothesis has no data, it’s likely that the conclusion has already been reached, or at least will be reached without proper validation. Also, write down your hypothesis first, don’t fall foul of bias caused by post-hoc theorizing.

This is the short list of the most common signs of MVP abuse.
However, we warned you about them. Also, we’d like to ensure you that Syndicode has great skills in MVP development and will not let you experience an MVP abuse. Contact us if you have some questions about MVP product development!

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