Sorbet Ruby typechecker goes open source!

Sorbet Ruby typechecker goes open source!
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It’s been a year since we talked about Sorbet for the first time. Since then we’ve experienced using it a lot, and now we have wonderful news for those who wanted to try it also but had some doubts. Sorbet Ruby typechecker goes open source! Get ready for something new!

Sorbet Ruby typechecker was presented by Stripe team at RubyKaigi at the beginning of last summer. This typesystem can be adopted gradually with different teams and projects adopting it at a different pace. It supports ‘And’ and ‘OrTypes’ as well as basic generics. Its type syntax is backwards compatible with untyped Ruby. Take a look at new release!

The developers spent many time to develop Sorbet internally, and now they are ready to share Sorbet with everyone. More than 30 companies beta test Sorbet and provided their feedback.

The new release includes such features:

  • Core static type checker
  • Tool for creation of new Sorbet projects
  • Tool for gradually adopting Sorbet in existing projects
  • DSL for writing type annotations
  • Central repository for sharing type definitions while working with Ruby gems

There are many more features that you can get to know here.

That’s a great project we recommend you to try. And while trying, don’t forget to check The Ruby Style Guide updated – a comprehensive source on how to write Ruby code.

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