Spree 3.7 released: the Rails-based e-commerce system

Spree 3.7 released: the Rails-based e-commerce system
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Recently we collected the web APIs best practices for you. And today we are announcing great news. Spree 3.7 released: the Rails-based e-commerce system.

3.7 release is the last 3.x line release bridging the gap between 3.x and Spree 4.0. This is a big release packed with several amazing features and a huge number of bug fixes (over 700 commits by 17 contributors!). Upgrading to 3.7 guarantees a smooth and easy migration to Spree 4.0 (April 2019 with Rails 6.0 and GraphQL support).

New API is based on JSON API spec and uses blazing fast Netflix fast_json_api serializer library. Authentication is based on Oauth using doorkeeper library. Besides that there are no additional dependencies making it lightweight and future-proof.

Storefront API v2 consists of:

  • Cart endpoints (Create Cart, Add Item, Set Quantity, Remove Item, Empty Cart)
  • Checkout endpoints (Update Checkout, Advance Checkout, Complete Checkout, Add/Remove Store Credit, Get Shiping Rates, Get Payment Methods)
  • Products Catalog
  • Taxons Catalog
  • Account endpoints (Account Information, Credit Cards, placed Orders)
  • Order Status
  • Countries
  • Authentication

All of the endpoints support JSON API’s Sparse Fieldsets to fix usual Over-Fetching issues and Related Resources to reduce the number of API queries you need to perform.

Feel free to learn more here.

Apart from Spree, there are other ways to develop your online marketplace. Find out more and decide the best way for you with the help of our marketplace development guide!

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