Storefront UI is a Vue.js UI framework

Storefront UI is a Vue.js UI framework
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By now we covered a lot of information about different new tools and libraries in JS – check our latest monthly most popular GitHub repositories digest! Vue.js libraries are special because web developers only start using it for big projects (compared to the average use of React and Angular). Today we are going to share with you one of the Vue.js libraries definitely worth your attention. Storefront UI is a Vue.js UI framework dedicated to eCommerce.

Storefront UI was created as an independent, Vue.js-based library that consists of UI components for developers, designers, and agencies trying to build storefronts. Let’s look closer to its main features:

  1. customizable. You can use any UI components and modules for your project.
  2. free and open-source. It’s open for everyone who wants to use it.
  3. oriented for eCommerce.  designed for online commerce and can be used for desktop, mobile, and PWA.
  4. consists of 4 customization levels.  it’s easy to take Storefront UI elements, customize them with props or adjust them with SCSS variables.
  5. It’s compatible with the Google UX Playbook.

Storefront UI has a fantastic design where every component is built with care and it’s very easy for use in your application. Try Storefront UI to build your own components.

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