Syndicode digest #12 – Animated melon

Syndicode digest #12 – Animated melon
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Here we are, your weekly digest with absolutely random name! This time you probably could not predict the melon. To be honest, we’re also surprised with this. But what is for sure, now and always, – we wouldn’t let you get bored with our news. Yours sincerely, Syndicode digest #12 – Animated melon.


  1. Animate all the sings! A walk-through article that shows how to build an animated header with the scroll position of a ScrollView. With React Native.
  2. You use them, but don’t remember the origin and purpose? Yes, we are talking about css selectors. Ok, you have the second chance to memorize them with this list of 30 most used css selectors. Demo included.
  3. Hello virtual world! Oh, who’s here? This article explains you what React VR is and its main principles. Start making future real right now.
  4. V – is for visual learning. We assume that this long, yet useful article (which is a compilation of blog posts written on Medium) will bring you an ultimate understanding of React.js.
  5. A short tutorial about running a game of Halite. Now your bot can fight with other bots for being called the best fighter.
  6. Major companies like Slack and Netflix have chosen RxJS with Redux-Observable, while the popularity among React Native developers has soared with Redux Sagas. So who’s right? Redux-Observable Epics vs Redux Sagas
  7. A guide for UX designers on how to create a personas: don’t follow the template, try to understand the nature.
  8. Many young developers and Node.js enthusiasts don’t really understand how design patterns or Object Oriented Programming diagrams map to the lines or structure of the code in their application. The helping hand is here: 7 keys to structuring your Node.js app
  9. This is awesome. For those of you who eager to explore more visual effects – check three demos of Morphing Background Shapes.

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