Syndicode digest #13 – Witchcraft

Syndicode digest #13 – Witchcraft
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This summer behaves weird. And we know for sure that this is a real witchcraft happening. At least, this is the only way to explain our new name for digest. Welcome the latest Friday Syndicode digest #13 – Witchcraft. 


  1. It’s time to run your PHP in browser! This babel-preset-php transpiles PHP code to readable JavaScript code.
  2. If you don’t want to get into the trouble with Kafka Connect, meet a cute quick hack which shows how the *nix philosophy conquers all.
  3. Dummy Method of learning development skills and its benefits. How to focus on the current skill and maintain your motivation.
  4. In-detailed tutorial on designing pure CSS image. Components, shapes, CSS styling and resourses to browse.
  5. What do you know about “Lazy” event sourcing model?.
  6. A library on redux-loop that ports Elm’s effect system to Redux. It allows you to sequence your effects naturally and purely by returning them from your reducers.
  7. Eventsourcing for Java helps to develop your application faster because there is no need to worry about designing the right domain models upfront. And guess what, know you know something about “Lazy Event Sourcing”. Find more about getting started with it and its core concepts in ES4J guide.
  8. Easy, basic way to make something that works without going through pages of documentation and tutorials – guide to make Progressive Web Apps. For beginners basically, but experienced ones can find it useful too.
  9. A new platform for designers to work together called Abstract. Here multiple designers can work on the same file without fear of overwriting changes.

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