Syndicode digest #14 – Perfomant pickaxe

Syndicode digest #14 – Perfomant pickaxe
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When you’re a bad programmer, there’s nothing you can do with it. Except working in other field. And perfomant pickaxe is not related to it anyhow. But we will do our best for you to become a good programmer. Meet our new Friday Syndicode digest #14 – Perfomant pickaxe!


  1. If doing something try to make sure that you’re doing it in the best way (if this easier than common ways). Redux-First Router is perfect for 80% use case for async Middleware. It gives your thunks context based on the URL, and by doing so reduces the number of action creators you need.
  2. As we love to share instructions and guides with you, take this guide React In-depth: An exploration of UI development. It will guide you through the light of finding out performance bottlenecks, when you can run setState and why React rerenders.
  3. A new book for Python lovers called  Learn Code The Hard Way. But who said it would be easy?
  4. And one more book (b.t.w. reading is useful if you didn’t know) – this time for those who study Haskell: Haskell programming from the first principles. Free Chapter available by link.
  5. Reducing database load by 80% is possible: ways, reasons and how not to screw up your app.
  6. Choosing the right easing function is a hard task. But we have some hints to help you with this.
  7. Interesting thoughts about ease of coding and hardness of programming. Do you need to get education? What will help you to become a real good programmer?
  8. Sort of designer’s guide to positive criticism. In other words this material will help you to create a better feedback.
  9. Can something be more awesome? Look at this beautiful Cartoon Character Design Tutorial.

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