Syndicode Digest #16 – Gathering stones

Syndicode Digest #16 – Gathering stones
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Goodbye, July! And welcome, August (which originally means “to increase”). Now the time to think of what you will do in fall. Unofficial symbol of August is birthstones. Imagine that every of the birthstones is a skill you promised yourself to improve last year. Let’s collect them all and set new goals for you to become skillful and experienced. We have something that will help you in Syndicode Digest #16 – Gathering stones.


  1. The first thing will help you to improve is learning. Here we found for you an information about more than 450 Online Programming & Computer Science Courses you can start in August. They’re provided by the most famous world universities and companies and are absolutely free.
  2. Next thing is a practice. If you work with Elixir, try prototyping Vivaldi – a decentralized algorithm which predicts round trip times between nodes in a cluster.
  3. And here goes theory. We suggest you read as much theory as you can to get the deep understanding of what you do. Find out how Node.js wastes no time or resources on waiting for I/O requests to return, read about its library and architecture.
  4. The fourth thing to improve is using guides. This guide will explain you how to measure and improve the performance of an Elixir application.
  5. Improving often means to find the easiest way. If you used to spend a lot of time on deployment, you might like the container systems like Docker. It will help you to cut down deployment time from hours to minutes.
  6. The next step in improving is using what is already invented. When you will learn to properly use what is exist, you will see how easy development will become. Check this neat module that provides an interface to run tasks in an easy way.
  7. Learn to analyze everything you do. After analysis you will improve even faster because you will know your weak sides and what to work on. Here we will place a GitHub page of the security-focused static analysis tool for the Phoenix framework. Projects also need analysis.
  8. Get used to observe. Observation will help you to see future prospects and predict where you should move to next. Take a look at this interesting technique of Parallax Effect in photography. This can be a good hack.
  9. And the last thing you need to have for improving is the inspiration. To be honest, none of the things listed above will work without it.  But if you have an inspiration – your possibilities are unlimited. Just look at admirable examples in 100 Days of Vector Illustration

Don’t ever stop improving. Reach your limits and go further.

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