Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration

Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration
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This time the digest will be published in the morning. This is explained by its name. You know the feeling when you have a lot of work and have already done a lot by now, but suddenly comes the moment when you can not work anymore? This moment your brain occupied by nothing and you stare at something with no thoughts. Are you familiar with this? Welcome morning Syndicode Digest #20 – Morning frustration! 


  1. The real treasure chest with everything you have to know about good JavaScript practices. Good styles, pattern, testing tools, news. frameworks and more – everything is here.
  2. Not to suffer from the Bitcoin bug, learn how to write a simple Elixir application to communicate and control a Bitcoin Core
  3. A few not so obvious hints that could make RSpec tests easier to write, read, and maintain. It will make you save a lot of debugging time.
  4. One of React’s biggest innovations is that it enables developers to describe a system, such as the UI of a web or mobile app, as a set of declarative components. Learn about prototyping with React VR on the base of Airbnb JavaScript engineer experience.
  5. Compare latest changes in Rails releases. How version 5.1.3 is different from 5.1.2.
  6. On the edge of new technologies, many things can be done in a simpler way.  Look how AI helps to super compress images. Warning: formulas are included! (You don’t afraid formulas, don’t you?)
  7. Design-dev handoffs will become faster as the developers will also know all the rules of application of spacing system and be able to predict spacing in mocks delivered by designers.
  8. Do you agree that inheritance is evil when used for code sharing? Mixins are just cheaty syntax for inheritance intended for code sharing, so you probably should avoid them…
  9. Top-notch landing page exists. And it can be really efficient. Learn how to create it with space, color, emotions and visual hierarchy.

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