Syndicode Digest #31 – Sigmoidal Uncertainty

Syndicode Digest #31 – Sigmoidal Uncertainty
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Probably, this digest had the hardest path of selecting the news to present. We doubted, then we were certain, then again doubted… But for now, you’re definitely reading the most interesting updates from this week. Here, in our Syndicode Digest #31 – Sigmoidal Uncertainty. 


  1. If you’ve recently been bitten by a JavaScript tooling problem, the road ahead might seem daunting. How can we make JavaScript ecosystem more approachable?
  2. What do you know about accessibility principles and practices? Explore the text-based version of the content covered in the Udacity course on Accessibility about improving accessibility for web pages.
  3. Social coding revolutionized how we share code with others. Security, early adopters, users, cloud, committers, vulnerabilities and our relationship with open source can be explained in terms of the social coding contact.
  4. When you create a website how do you check whether you did not forget something? Check out Front-End Checklist, the list of all elements you need to have before launching your website to production.
  5. The review of the new changes that are expected in Firefox 58, currently available to preview in Firefox Developer Edition.
  6. If you’re dealing with radio buttons, this article on Rails radio button creation with code examples might be useful.
  7. Kotlin is a very popular language, but nobody’s perfect. So there are some drawbacks you should handle with. Learn to avoid pitfalls in Kotlin.
  8. Everything you wanted to know about Amazon Web Services
  9. Takeaways from UX Conference 2017 in Budapest: part 1 and part 2.

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