Syndicode Digest #48 – Gamepad jury

Syndicode Digest #48 – Gamepad jury
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Probably, you don’t remember the first gamepads. So as we don’t. But they existed and seemed perfect for the first players. The same happening with the software – back in the 1970s 2KB of RAM was enough for sending people to the moon. Now 1.5GB of RAM lets you just run Slack. Anyway, the world progress is unstoppable. Let’s evolve from primitive gamepad to Nintendo Switch in out new  Syndicode Digest #48 – Gamepad jury!


  1. Do you remember we announced Ruby and Rails best conferences to visit in 2018? Here is the schedule for RailsConf available now. Basecamp, GitHub, and Pivotal speakers including the creator of Ruby on Rais!
  2. The new feature on Rails 5.2 is the built-in Redis Cache Store. You don’t need to use a custom cache store anymore. All you need is to add a Redis client gem. But there are also more great features you can read about in Rails 5.2 newly finished release notes.
  3. If you doing Elixir take a chance to practice with code examples for Functional Imperative Programming With Elixir. Find macro tips as a bonus.
  4. Apart from weekly JS digest about the most popular GitHub repositories, we collect the best solutions for JavaScript effectiveness of which is proven with the time. Meet the collection of the best JavaScript modules: command line tools, testing, math and more!
  5. Layouts, visual, animation, interactivity, counter and other neat elements in the curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
  6. Using Redux brings you a lot of benefits. But it’s always a room for new solutions! The new context API that comes with React 16.3 is pretty elegant and will be a good Redux replacement for small to medium projects.
  7. The 4 examples of UI scenarios to understand and find out how to handle them with the Auto Layout constraints.
  8. Let’s read about the major features associated with GraphQL along with discussing the significant pros and cons associated with this particular API specification.
  9. Can we speed up Ruby by creating less garbage? Absolutely! The answer is hidden in the garbage collector. And we can optimize it with the only one comment!

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