Syndicode Digest #50 – Pigeon masonry

Syndicode Digest #50 – Pigeon masonry
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Can you believe that today we’re presenting you the anniversary issue of our Syndicode Digest! It’s already 50 weeks we are picking the most interesting news to share with you all! Developers, managers, CEOs, founders, designers, architects… All of you can find something interesting in our weekly Syndicode Digest! Will the today’s one be special? Sure! Like every single Syndicode Digest! Meet the next, awesome and unique Syndicode Digest #50 – Pigeon masonry!


  1. 18 features that are listed in the TC39’s finished proposals that were added in ES2016, ES2017, and ES2018 (final draft) and their examples are shown in the scope of what’s new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017, and 2018.
  2. These are the tips to make your webpack Bundle Smaller when you using JS libraries. p.s. Also, read about the best JavaScript charting libraries in our article.
  3. While we were comparing Vue to React some other people did the same for Angular vs. React. Which is better? Some of the conclusions are quite obvious, but as a developer, you should consider these all.
  4. Here’s the interesting one! Do you know how to calculate Bitcoin address in Elixir? From now on you will! You may also check the Elixir events we support and join in!
  5. The tips on security checklist for web developers from a person who’ve been developing secure web applications for over 14 years. Consider them seriously!
  6. If your CSS variables are too scoped, the system will lose consistency. If they are too global, you lose granularity. Let’s learn how to fix issues with both Global and Local CSS variables.
  7. Here we will take a look at React Motion library, one of the many animation libraries that works particularly well with React.
  8. This is not the new article, but the one with a quite good explanation about what are Node.js Streams.
  9. The bonus for frontend developers! The list of 30+ call-to-action button templates to download.

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