Syndicode Digest #51 – Lucky number

Syndicode Digest #51 – Lucky number
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At first, we did not pay attention to what day is it today. But today is Friday the 13th! It is considered an unlucky day so you should immediately stop working. Of course, if you consider your work as just a work… But if you love what you do – nothing should prevent you from coding, developing, deploying, researching and so on. This year, in 2018, Friday the 13th will also occur later on July 13. We do believe that you love what you do! So, have a happy deploying (we’re also deploying today!) with our latest Syndicode Digest #51 – Lucky number!


  1. Have you ever thought of building your own DSL? Using metaprogramming that can be super beneficial. Here you will learn about using metaprogramming for Architecting Flow in Elixir.
  2. This is super detailed cheatsheet for design patterns! Concepts, useful schemes, White box and Black box frameworks, behavioral commands and more…
  3. This material is for those who’re interested in some history and want to receive the better understanding of Angular CLI. You’ll find out what Angular CLI is, what it can do for you, and how it performs some of its magic behind the scenes.
  4. Do you know how to refactor and speed up RSpec tests by refactoring common parts of the test and speeding up the test by reducing database requests?
  5. Here’s the great CSS tip for a drop shadow that would use the colors of the element’s background!
  6. Ruby benchmarking to measure your Ruby app productivity: from basics to tips on performance improvements.
  7. We all love the joke about comparing apples to oranges. But sometimes we need to compare them. Just like in this case. Because now we’d like to share with you some practical differences between working in Ruby and iOS. A developer who tried both will tell you how they differ in terms of the ease of development and problems you have to face every day.
  8. In our last year article about React animations, we picked the 5 best techniques for creating animations. Now we’re presenting you the comparison of the top JS animation libraries for use in React apps.
  9. If Eloquent JavaScript is too-long-reading for you, just open this material called ‘the complete guide to JavaScript functions‘. Short and useful writeup!

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